Streaming Video

Streaming Video

Engaging and easy-to-use, consumer-centric, streaming products for web, native and 10 foot experiences.

Streaming Video

We have been active in the streaming space since 2007 when we delivered the first-ever US Open of Surfing webcast in Huntington Beach for IMG. We've always had a passion for bringing video to the web, integrating video in Flash for a client back in 2001.

It's about the features

Baby Steps goes beyond basic anytime a client gives us the opportunity. We enjoy and excel at implementing new features, new methods and helping our clients find ways to achieve the impossible, or at least the very difficult.

Web OTT Benefits

Web apps are often the first point of contact for new consumers. They are easy-to-access, with no barrier to entry, no app to download, and an overall smaller payload for the user to download before engagement. Baby Steps believes strongly that a robust, user-friendly, easy-to-use web app is a key part of your streaming app ecosystem.

Streaming Video Projects

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