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Video: Auto-Play Mute?

Video: Auto-Play Mute?

Now that major browsers are requiring muted video autoplay, it’s time to prepare for the future of video.

For your engaged consumers autoplay can be highly beneficial but we know not all consumers are engaged. So does autoplay truly benefit engagement, or is it a waste of video playtime?

Advertisers and publishers have different strategies and opinions about autoplay, especially as it relates to advertising. But the main question is, should there be a different methodology for desktop vs. mobile?

We think not. The nuances of mobile vs. desktop should not change the engagement strategy and should work together to create a holistic, rather than a fragmented player ecosystem.

As a consumer first agency, we believe an engaged consumer is a valuable consumer, and that autoplay muted creates a strange user experience. The UX is new and the UI is inconsistent. Our preference is not to autoplay and instead to push for content providers and publishers to compel users to click the play button through their content. After all, if the user clicks the button, we know their engagement is real.