One step at a time

Digital properties are essential to your business.  Everybody knows that.  The real challenge is knowing how to make them work for your company’s specific business goals while functioning in the most efficient manner possible, with the adaptability to provide long-term value. Creating a property that versatile requires a combination of experience, skill and technology that few agencies can call on.  And that’s where Baby Steps comes in.

Baby Steps solves problems by identifying the perfect strategy to meet your needs, and then executing on that strategy in the most creative, efficient way imaginable.

We start by finding out what you need.

And that’s so much more than simply asking what kind of digital property you would like us to build. It means getting deep down in the weeds, discovering what your business goals are, what your specific needs are, both immediate and long-term, and formulating a plan to achieve everything you want.

We put that plan down in a Scope of Work, which, in all likelihood, will be the most thorough and detailed SoW you’ve ever seen. And because we lay out every single step we intend to take, you can be sure there are never any hidden costs, additions, or overruns.

Then we build your digital property.

We mean great-looking digital properties that make your customers’ jaws drop and keep them coming back, featuring an information management system that is customizable, easy to learn, and super simple to use. 

One of the truly great features of the properties we build is that the management system is easy enough for you to manage yourself. That means you avoid the cost and inconvenience of relying on a vendor to manage it for you. The tool that lets you do this is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform we built ourselves called Brix.

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Your Ongoing Digital Team.

Our clients don’t just keep coming back to us. They never go away. Because we see the first project we do for you as the start of a beautiful relationship. By building a meaningful, ongoing partnership, you get the value of a digital team that fully understands your brand, your needs, your goals and the technology you use to promote them. To see what we mean, check out the great projects we’ve worked on over the years with some of the great clients we’ve teamed with.